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At Jean Jacques Machado BJJ Perth,

we make a plan that suits you.

Our goal is to make you reach both your physical and mental goals, we strive to help you get fit and well equipt with self-defense strategies for everyday life.

With Exclusive Training Studio situated within our premise this gives our members access to use the facilities which includes a state-of-the-art studio gym  included for our Personal Clientelle and Full Membership members always with a Personal trainer on hand to help you gain knowledge to reach your goals.

Jean Jacques Machado BJJ Perth is a family run Business, specializing in Corporate Security Training, Self Defence Programs, Strength & Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Personal Training.


Jean Jacques Machado Perth Melb Seminar

Together Paolo and Lora Gizzarelli has over 25 years experience and dedication in designing workout and training sessions to help people achieve their goals. Working with a diverse clientele from members of the Police, Elite Special Forces, Security, Corporate clients, fitness enthusiasts and the everyday person, Paolo and Lora have devoted themselves to teaching, training, learning and traveling the world exploring all things health and fitness.


Paolo with 5 overseas excursions, has trained with some of the best fighters and trainers in the world; including the 'Machados' and the 'Gracies'.  Identifying that 'bigger, harder, faster, stronger' didn't make a difference, Paolo set about designing bespoke training strategies that have seen his clients achieve extraordinary fitness levels. 


Lora as the owner of Exclusive Training Studio, and role as Security Trainer at Crown Perth and Training Coordinator with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, coaches, mentors and facilitates adult learning on a daily basis.


Both specializing in designing personal training sessions which individualize their health and fitness journey. Connecting with people is their point of difference, they dedicate their time to enable their clients to set and reach personal health and fitness goals, designing programs to help with injury or rehabilitation needs and conditioning and strengthening professional athletes.


Together Paolo and Lora pride themselves on their expertise, dedication, commitment and passion to ensuring that fitness and well being is not solely based on just reaching your destination: 

It is all about the journey enjoy the ride!!!



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